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Why are many songs and playlists suddenly disappearing from Spotify?

Swedish streaming music service Spotify has recently begun to remove many tracks. For many users, of course, this was an unpleasant surprise, undermining confidence in the service and creating many questions.

There are several reasons for this situation. Consider them in more detail.

Although this is unlikely, you are still asked to verify that you are logged in to the correct Spotify account, which has saved offline songs or playlists if you have previously registered multiple Spotify accounts. It is likely that the user has several accounts, which he simply confused.

Licensed audio content was removed from the platform by the author himself – the most common reason for the disappearance of tracks. This mainly happens with songs or playlists that appear in gray after uploading to your account. In this case, this is probably due to the fact that the performer or creator for some reason permanently deleted the tracks.

songs and playlists suddenly disappearing from Spotify

The service provides a maximum number of downloads of songs by the user, which leaves 10 thousand songs. Since Spotify allows Premium users to download no more than this number of tracks to a total of three devices, you should check whether you have reached this limit or not. If so, Spotify will automatically remove previously downloaded songs when you add new tracks. Spotify will usually notice you with a warning message as soon as you reach the quantity limit.

Another quite banal reason will be the lack of Internet connection. Therefore, it is worth checking its availability and quality. So you need to make sure that the network works normally when you download songs from Spotify. Otherwise, you will need to connect it and download the songs again.

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Sometimes previously downloaded songs may not be available in Spotify if you change your VPN region. This is because some Spotify songs are banned in certain countries and regions. To access your music again, you need to change your VPN settings. There are no exact recommendations for choosing a country in this case, you need to take advantage of intuition. For example, one should expect that in the country of orthodox Islam one of the songs popular in Europe will be banned due to its inconsistency with traditions and religious laws.

And another reason for the disappearance of tracks will be the end of Premium subscription. In this case, all downloaded music will simply disappear until the moment of renewal of the paid subscription to the service. It is necessary to carefully monitor the timeliness of making a subscription fee for using a premium account, then the service will work uninterrupted, and your favorite tracks will not suddenly disappear. It is also recommended that you connect recurring payments in electronic banking.

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