Why Are People Switching From Tidal To Spotify?

Music streaming services have become our daily routine. In the past, hardly anyone would lift the needle on the record player to find the next song. And this is only because the first few seconds of the track are not encouraging. Today it is skipped, fragmented and placed on your own music leaderboard as much as you can. And this type of consumption doesn’t even stop at audiobooks and podcasts. In the past, you patiently listened to a – sometimes annoying – radio host or changed stations. Today you just listen to the podcast at double speed so you don’t miss anyone else.

Why Are People Switching From Tidal To Spotify

Music streaming services offer an almost endless amount of content. The triumph of music streaming services is also reflected in the sheer number of users. For example, Spotify now has about 380 million active listeners, 155 million of which are on a paid premium plan. Spotify convinces with a solid offer for users who don’t just want to be listened to by music. The wide platform support is exemplary, Spotify is a pleasure to have.

You can get a comprehensive package from Spotify. In addition to a huge selection of music that’s also tailored to you, you’ll get clear artist pages and numerous audio books, radio shows, and podcasts. Especially in the field of podcasts, Spotify is ahead of the competition. With top-notch originals and a full catalog of independent podcasts, you can hardly go without anything. Also, Spotify is free without a subscription and offers a decent discount for students.

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Music lovers will value their money on Tidal. A very wide range of music, concerts, festivals or various podcasts – everything revolves around music and artists. Subscribers receive a variety of exclusive content, pre-releases and concert tickets. The service also values ​​curated playlists and recommendations. Only the cumbersome offline mode and missing lyrics cloud the overall package.

Tidal is best for fans of quality music. Run by popular American rapper Jay-Z, among others, the music service offers a huge music catalog, exclusive pre-releases from famous artists, as well as music videos and podcasts on music topics. If you just want to listen to music in the best quality, then Tidal is worth your money. Of the more than 60 million lossless songs, several million are even higher resolution. Tidal offers them in what’s called master quality, which is around 3,000 kilobits per second, which is still well above the usual FLAC quality. Anyone looking for music will love Tidal.

The reason for the transition of the bulk of users from Tidal to Spotify is, first of all, the high cost of a Tidal subscription. In addition, for a full-fledged perception of music in this case, very high-quality and, accordingly, expensive playback equipment will be required. And few people can spend that amount.

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