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Why are rappers so rich?

Forbes magazine named American rapper Jay-Z the first billionaire in the history of hip-hop. This news attracted public attention around the world not only because of the financial success of Jay-Z, but also because of what this event means for those rappers who want to follow in his footsteps. And indeed, five years ago, no one could think that it was rappers who would climb to the top of the financial Olympus of the music industry.

P. Diddy owns a fortune of $740 million. At the same time, it was he who was always considered the main competitor of Jay-Z and from year to year he took second or first place in the ranking.

And the Canadian rapper Drake is the youngest participant in the ranking of the richest rappers in the world, because he is at least ten years younger than his colleagues. However, Drake is already catching up with the rest of the kings of hip-hop. The rapper’s condition has increased by 50% over the past year and today, according to rough estimates, is approaching one hundred million dollars.

Expensive sports cars, things Gucci and Louis Vuitton, the most expensive versions of «Rolex» and bundles of cash in the frame – the visual part of rap culture consists of money. Of these, rap clips also consist, which gain hundreds of millions of views in the YouTube.

The first and probably the most obvious explanation for the cult of money reigning in hip-hop is their immediate correlation with success and, more importantly, power. It is no secret that most rappers come from the working class; and the musical genre itself, born (at least in its familiar form) in the 1970s in the then dysfunctional Bronx, is the unconditional property of the black population of the States, which has long been in the social and financial backyards.

Why are rappers so rich

There is one very interesting theory that explains why rappers are so attached to gold chains and expensive furs. It concerns the criminal footprint of hip-hop, which even makes no sense to deny: drug trafficking, showdown, murder, sometimes prostitution – all this in the history of the genre was more than enough, especially at a time when rap culture was marginal. Freeze the bills, take the car, confiscate the house – the police had the right to all this. Even a large amount of money – and that can be taken away. But gold and a fur coat, no matter how much they cost, will not be touched – provided, of course, that at the time of arrest they are on the arrested. Hence the desire to put on yourself the most valuable: at least it will remain at the time of arrest. In the end, the chain can be mortgaged – and bail out money for collateral.

Not that all modern rappers wearing jewelry are certainly trying to arrest, but the cliché turned out to be so powerful that it eventually turned into a tradition. And even in a reminder, from which everything, in fact, began – such things are really useful not to forget.

In the race for wealth, the leadership in which the Americans confidently belong, their followers from other countries of the world also joined. Rap is gaining momentum both in Europe, and in Russia, and in China and Indochina, Australians with New Zealanders also love it. The fascination with rap has become a massive psychosis, to which representatives of the mainly younger generation are exposed.

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It is not surprising that against the background of such a massive excitement, new nouveau verses arise, the source of whose wealth was rap. But here it is worth clarifying – the main source of wealth. Because the richest representatives of this caste also own large trading brands that bring them huge profits.

A wave of rap covers Africa. Representatives of the young part of the local population try to copy their prosperous idols from America or, for example, the Republic of Korea as accurately as possible.

Having analyzed a situation, it is possible to say with confidence that rappers also will prosper further, and more and more people will begin to be fond of a rap worldwide. And the world club of billionaires will periodically be replenished with representatives of this musical genre. The only region where rap has not yet reached the heights of popularity are the countries of Orthodox Islam.

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