Why Are Some Albums Not On Amazon Music?

The music streaming service Amazon Music is famous for its huge music library and is attracting many new users. But not always their expectations can be justified, because they often cannot find their favorite tracks on their favorite music platform. What could be the causes of this problem?

Even the biggest streaming services are not available in every country in the world. Global music streaming services that allow you to listen to music and podcasts are gradually entering new markets.

At the same time, Amazon Music will be different in each country, because the amount of content and the content of the catalogs in each country is different. This is due to the specifics of demand in different territories and the fact that in countries where there is a national music industry, content is most often in demand only among local residents. Therefore, licenses for music streams that will not be claimed will not be purchased. This also applies to local artists uploading recordings to music services.

 Some Albums Not On Amazon Music

Thus, if a user wants to listen to a track in his country that does not have permission to play in it, he will most likely see the inscription “This content is not available in your country.” This is how geo-blocking works: the location of the device is determined by the IP address, and certain content is blocked in the territory where it cannot be accessed. Because of this, users have problems while traveling.

If a client paid for the service in their country, then their favorite playlist may not be available abroad. VPNs can be used to circumvent this limitation by virtually changing your location, but well-known VPN providers’ IP addresses are often blacklisted and blocked.

The decision on what price will be in a particular country is made based on market analysis and depends on several factors, including the average income of the population, demographics, share of spending on entertainment, etc. The size of the service library also affects the cost. Therefore, in different countries, not only the cost of a streaming music service will be different, but also its functionality. The parallel is simple – the higher the cost, the more profitable the service in a given country and the more functions are available to its users.

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Another difference in prices is explained by the fact that emerging markets present great opportunities for growth. For example, a new subscriber in the UK, where the Amazon Music streaming service launched almost a decade ago, costs much more than a subscriber in a new market where access to such services has recently become available.

At the same time, the difference in prices by country is significant – sometimes it varies several times. In terms of music services, the most expensive subscriptions are in Denmark and Switzerland, while the cheapest are in India. This trend is also relevant for Amazon Music. This is understandable, because it is simply unrealistic to demand from the average Indian subscriber, who often earns one dollar a day for the whole family, the same subscription price paid by the average Englishman with an income hundreds of times greater.

So, if you suddenly do not find a certain Amazon Music album in its music library, then this is most likely a limitation of the music content of the streaming service for your region.

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