Why are songs disappearing from Spotify?

Spotify many users have long been associated with tracks disappearing from playlists. Of course, this causes bewilderment and a lot of questions.

Spotify for many people is the main source of music. We stop buying albums in any distribution, and we are increasingly turning to subscription services for streaming music. Unfortunately, this has one minus – we then depend on the music library available in this service, and we cannot help so that some of our favorite songs can simply disappear overnight.

By creating a playlist, you are confident that it will be consistently displayed in your music. But it wasn’t here. After a while, you will notice that some tracks are missing, but you can’t even tell which ones are somewhere on the way, how many songs have disappeared, and what they are not.

songs disappearing from Spotify

This often happens with the Swedish streaming music service Spotify, where as a result of various conflicts of interest or copyright, selected songs disappear from all over the site, as well as from your playlists.

We do not receive any notifications, and the author simply removes individual songs from the Spotify database, and they, in turn, also disappear from your playlists. As a result of this action, you may lose your favorite songs without even knowing about it.

Spotify previously had a feature to display songs that are no longer available. Despite the fact that you could not play the song, it still appeared on the list as unavailable. Now the songs automatically disappear, and you don’t see them on the playlists. Fortunately, you can restore the old solution, so you will always know which songs were on the playlist, even if they are no longer available.

To enable the display of song names that are no longer available and removed from Spotify, go to the settings. In the desktop version of Spotify, to do this, create the Edit menu and select «Options».

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In the settings, go to «Display Options». You will notice that there is an option here «Show songs not available on the playlist». This option is disabled by default, so you can’t see songs that have been removed from Spotify and your playlists. However, it is enough that you simply activate this option, and the songs will be saved to the list again. You will not be able to play them, but although you will see the artist’s name and song, you will find out which song has been deleted.

Thanks to this, all songs will be shown on the playlists, including those that are no longer available. This allows you to check which songs in the selected playlists are no longer available, which in turn allows you to find them by artist name and song on other websites, such as YouTube.

The main reason for the removal of tracks from the media library of the Swedish music streaming service can be considered a copyright violation by those users who posted them on this platform.

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