Why are songs removed from Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a service that provides users with access to streaming music and video. Amazon’s Prime Music has millions of songs, which can be streamed for free on supported devices. However, this privilege does not last forever as songs are often removed from the platform without notice. In recent years, songs have been removed from the Amazon Prime library with no explanation as to why they were taken down. That can be hard for fans who are used to listening on the website because they cannot find their favorite song anymore. Whyyyyyyyy?!

Songs may be removed because they have licensing issues or do not meet the standards for quality set by Amazon. There is no way to tell when a song will be removed, but it happens frequently enough that customers need clarification, which isn’t exactly easy to get from the support. 

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A song can be removed from Amazon Prime for several reasons. Some tracks might be removed due to copyright infringement or poor quality. Another possible reason is that the owner has chosen to remove it from their catalog, like when some people (cough! Tay-Tay! cough!) decide they don’t want their music to be part of a streaming audio provider service anymore. Fortunately, Taylor was kind enough to get her music back on Spotify after pulling it in 2014, but not everyone is that generous. Finally, Amazon may have changed their licensing agreement with the music’s publisher who does not want the music to be available on their site anymore. 

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