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Why can't blend on Spotify?

A blend is a new cool Spotify feature that allows two users to mix their playlists. It can be easily created by touching s

Rap, pop, rock, and other music genres. Do you know how they can be united by Spotify? The answer is simple – blend playlist.

Have you ever heard of this Spotify feature? If not, let’s figure out its specificity together.

Why can't blend on Spotify?

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A blend playlist is a state-of-the-art feature that allows two persons to mix their songs and create a unique playlist that will help them to learn more about the musical tastes of each other. Cool thing, isn’t it?

We think that you have already been interested in testing the blend playlist. However, how can you do it? The process is super simple! All you need is to sign in to your Spotify account and find the blend option in the “Made for you” segment.

A blend playlist creation doesn’t take too much time. However, sometimes you may face some difficulties and ask yourself: “why can’t blend on Spotify?

What should you do in this case? How can you answer the question? Let’s figure it out right now.

First of all, memorize one very important thing. You can create a blend playlist only by using Spotify mobile app. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create a playlist by using your desktop for now. However, we believe that one day it will be able for it.

Secondly, you may face the situation when you installed the app but didn’t find a blend button. In this case, you should update the app to the latest version. Sometimes, it can be vice versa. You saw a blend option; however, it had disappeared one day. Accordingly, you should restart the app to solve this problem. 

Still haven’t found a way to solve your problem? Connect Spotify’s customer support. They will take a deeper look into your account and solve any problem.

All in all, the blend is a great feature for Spotify’s users. It brings them a new experience of playlists creation. However, it has one big disadvantage. When you leave a blend playlist, it deletes from your and your friend’s libraries.

Nonetheless, if you want to save a blend playlist and avoid such an unpleasant situation, transfer your songs to another music streaming platform. You can do it manually but just imagine how much time it will take.

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We recommend you automate the process by using MusConv. It is a modern service that can transport all your songs from one platform to another in minutes. Rely on the latest technology and forget about annoying manual work. also know that MusConv can simplify the process. Rely on the platform which can transfer your playlist with lightning speed and continue to enjoy your loved songs.