Why Can't I Cancel My Spotify Subscription?

The king of the global streaming market, the Swedish music streaming service Spotify does not need advertising. Almost all music fans around the world have heard about it, and most of them have used and continue to use this platform to listen to their favorite songs.

The Swedish green giant has two versions – paid and free. Of the 380 million users globally that Spotify officially announced in September 2021, 155 million use a paid premium subscription. It is likely that some part of its users will want to cancel a paid subscription to the services of the service sooner or later. This may be due to a lack of funds or, say, switching to another music streaming service. There can be many reasons, but the technology for unsubscribing is not difficult. To do this, just go to your Spotify account and, after choosing your tariff plan, simply cancel your subscription. in response to Electron, a letter will be sent to the user’s e-mail.

In response to the user’s e-mail, a compassionate farewell letter will come, in which the service will say goodbye to its already former users and say that he is very sorry about this. By the way, the cancellation of a paid subscription does not mean the termination of the use of Spotify services. After canceling a paid subscription, the user automatically switches to the free version of the streaming application, in which the entire Spotify library of 70 million tracks is available to him, as well as almost all the main functions of the service. Of course, he will have restrictions on the number of scrolls of songs per hour, the impossibility of working offline and downloading songs to his gadget. Also constant ads will bother you. But these restrictions can be tolerated.

But sometimes there are situations when the user for some reason cannot cancel his paid subscription. Why is this happening and what to do in this case?

Also, problems with canceling Premium may arise due to the fact that you have another profile with a paid subscription. If you can’t enter it, use the password recovery form and get access through your email address, then switch to the free version.

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If you have a Facebook page, check if someone else’s Spotify profile is linked to it. Open “Settings” and go to the “Applications” section. If the Spotify platform logo appears, it means that there is an account associated with Facebook.

After the Premium plan is cancelled, Spotify will keep your selections and settings for three months if you change your mind and decide to listen to music on this streaming platform again. After 90 days, you will still be able to renew your Premium subscription, but your music library and settings will not be saved and you will have to start collecting tracks again.

After canceling the Premium subscription, the Spotify streaming platform will keep the account with the free version forever. If you want to completely get rid of playlists and individual settings, it is possible to completely delete the profile.

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