Why can't I download songs on Spotify?

With over 50 million songs and podcasts and audiobooks, Spotify offers endless treasures for those who seek joy – at no price. It also has a ton of features designed specifically to make your experience as enjoyable as it can be, plus offers paid plans that cost next to nothing but offer substantial benefits like no ads, better music quality, offline mode so you listen if you don’t have Internet or want to go offline to pretend to be Tom Cruise’s character in Mission Impossible, which is so cool. 

Spotify even offers privacy settings and customizable crossfading. And that functionality is very easy to download and install. Which makes it even more frustrating when it’s down. So what can you do when you can’t download songs on Spotify? There are a few solutions below: 

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Disk space

This problem always creeps up surreptitiously, and it’s always surprising when you suddenly run out of disk space. Be sure to remove junk files (there are special services dedicated to that task that will do the job easily and quickly) and also regularly delete stuff like large videos. Check out how much space you have in Settings. A more detailed guide can be found here

Premium subscribtion 

The feature that lets you download songs is only available in Premium. Make sure you get this enviable plan that starts at $10 and then extends to include your loved ones for a price of a good cup of coffee. Note that technically Spotify allows you to only rent movies. If you want the artist to be compensated, you need to pay for the album. 

The number of devices 

If you’re using more than 5 devices (read the Terms and Conditions carefully!) Spotify will disable the downloading on the device you’re using less than the others. 

If you want to know more, MusConv will always be here for you with the latest updates, advice, and solutions. Stay tuned! 

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