Why Can't I Log In To My Spotify Account?

Spotify, the leader of the global music streaming industry from Sweden, has a free version and a premium subscription. In the first case, users can easily use the service for free on an ongoing basis. But the free version comes with a rather limited set of features that may not be suitable for every music lover. To use all the wide functionality of the service, you will need a paid premium subscription. But what if the subscriber suddenly finds that he simply cannot log into his account on the streaming platform?

Surely this has happened to you at some point and happens to all of us: you try to enter, but it doesn’t work out. Check the spelling of the password and, first of all, make sure that the capital letters of your keyboard on the computer are not activated. If you spell it correctly, consider if you are using multiple email addresses, as it may happen that you enter a different email address than the one you have registered with Spotify and this is the reason for the access. If nothing works, take it easy. Just go to the section “Did you forget your password?” and fill in your username and email address. Confirm with “send” and go to your inbox to add a new password.

If your email address associated with your account is out of date or you don’t have access to it, you can contact Spotify to update your account using the email you use. If it’s a free account and you don’t care, just ignore it and create a new one, but the problem will be that it’s Premium and you pay for it. You can create a new one with the email address you are currently using and have access to it. Typically, you can select the “I forgot my password” option and they will send an email to the registered email address where you can change your password to a new one.

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If you can’t get a free trial of Spotify Premium, chances are you already had an account before. In this case, try another email you have or create an email to access the trial. Once you have registered an email with Spotify, you can no longer get a few days free before you start paying. You may have done this many years ago and don’t remember, but you probably have a different email address to access.

One of the reasons may be a change in geodata. Of course, this is a rather rare case, given that today the Swedish music streaming service operates in almost 200 countries. But you can go to a country in which the service is not officially working yet. Or just moved to another city or region. But the Spotify music service will check the location of users to avoid family subscription fraud, Spotify has changed the user agreement for the Premium Family subscription. Now the service will check the geodata of users to confirm that they really live together. The information will be checked periodically via Google Maps. If a Spotify user refuses to confirm geolocation, the service administration has the right to deprive him of his family subscription.

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