Why can't I open Spotify on my phone?

Spotify offers the fastest, smoothest, and most thought-through service to hundreds of millions of users. Although it can be used for free, almost half of the clients are Premium users, which shows more than anything else whether it’s worth investing your money into. So it’s even more frustrating when you can’t gain access to it. Let’s find out what you can do. The good news is, most of the time there’s something you can do immediately to solve the problem. 

Check the temperatures 

Many phones are very sensitive to cold. See if that’s what’s causing the problem. Overheating, as you probably guessed, isn’t great for your phone either. If your phone isn’t making friends with Spotify because you’re out in Siberia where your spit hits the ground as ice, great! The problem is immediately solvable. Here’s more info on what’s causing the damage. 

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Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the ones that work best. Sounds too simple, but restarting your device might also do the trick. 


This one is slightly more difficult but given how elementary it is to install Spotify you’ll have no problems at all deleting the app (not just by erasing the folder but using Windows features!) and installing it again. It won’t even take that much time. 


This is one other reason for your system not functioning properly. Is your antivirus blocking important functions? 


If this doesn’t work out, someone on the Internet is bound to know the answer. These systems are extremely complex. Sometimes changing random settings ultimately results in success. It’s either that or Spotify support.

If there’s anything else you need, MusConv will be there for you with the latest and greatest. Good luck!

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