Why Can't I Play Videos On My Smartphone?

In recent years, gadgets with large screens and high-definition LCD displays have appeared on the smartphone market. No wonder so many users consider watching videos their primary purpose.

For this reason, many people experience a lot of stress simply because they cannot watch videos on their smartphones.

YouTube is the largest video viewing site. If you can’t watch it, it will be a big blow to your fun smartphone life. Let’s eliminate the possible causes one by one for Android and iPhone.

  • Reboot your device and try closing background applications. If you leave the power on for a long time, there are various reasons that lead to unstable operation, such as the behavior of other applications interfering with operation, or lack of free memory. This is the fastest solution that can eliminate the cause of interference from other applications.
  • If you use your smartphone all the time, you don’t turn it off. Try restarting your device, this should usually fix the problem.
  • Clearing the cache is your standard response for Internet services. Depending on your environment, this method may be effective for YouTube to work, so you might as well give it a try.

There is no option for iPhone to clear YouTube app cache. However, please note that this method will remove all Safari caches and cookies, which may affect your browsing experience.

  1. First, open the Safari bookmarks screen. Touch the icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Tap the bookmark icon at the bottom of the Safari screen.
  3. Touch History.
  4. Click Clear in the lower right corner of the screen.
  5. Select the data period to clear. For example, if you’re having a hard time watching YouTube videos through Safari from yesterday, select Today and Yesterday. This is when Today and Yesterday is selected, but only data from a few days ago remains.

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The contracts of many telecom operators provide for the amount of high-speed data transfer required to view video on a monthly basis. If your monthly high-speed data usage exceeds the amount specified in the contract, you will be able to use a text connection such as email, but you will be in a “low-speed data” state, which is not suitable for watching videos.

If YouTube is intermittent, even web browsing is slow, and social media is slow, you’ve probably reached the speed limit.

If you try it in a Wi-Fi environment and you are comfortable watching videos, you can say that the reason for not being able to watch videos is the speed limit. As a solution to the problem, you can watch video only via Wi-Fi for a month, or purchase additional high-speed data transfer capacities.

You should also check the application version. For iPhone, check the App Store. In the case of Android, it basically automatically updates to the latest version of the app, so there’s not much need to check for updates.

If there is a possibility that the model itself is broken, for example, the above measures do not improve, it is better to consider switching to a new model. More and more new smartphones are being released, so if you have a broken smartphone and it’s a smartphone that you have been using for a long time, it is worth taking the first opportunity to change the model to a more modern one.

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