Why did my Apple Music library disappeared?

The situation when a user opens the Apple Music application and discovers that his media library is empty, it turns out, is not so rare. What to do in this case and where could the user’s music library disappear on the music streaming service?

You can assemble a huge media stack, save all this on the device, organize it by playlist. And at one point turn on the player and find nothing.

First of all, check whether Apple Music includes its music repository – Mediateca. iCloud All your songs and playlists are stored there, and (if the media library is enabled on your iOS devices) are available on any device, be it a computer on Windows/Mac, iPhone or iPad.

Apple Мusic

The problem is how Apple Music handles the user’s library. Most likely, the song matching mechanism scanned the composer’s iTunes library, found the best versions of songs in the cloud, or sent files to the cloud itself and added them to his account, removing the originals from the disc. All this happened quietly to make it clear to the user that the service takes care of his needs and provides him with a service. However, it is assumed that it should not move files on disk, but only select their equivalents in the service.

Commenting on this information, Apple confirmed that there really were quite few cases when files were deleted without the knowledge of users. The company assures that it takes these reports very seriously and is working to find out the cause. However, no one yet knows why Apple Music behaves like this. The testers were unable to play this behavior, but it appears to be a database error.

The problem is serious because you may lose files, and it is actually difficult not to unsubscribe from Apple Music after this procedure, because the entire library will be lost (unless someone is careful and does not have a backup of your collections).

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Downloaded music disappears from Apple Music while switching App Store accounts. Many of us have several Apple IDs that can be used to download apps from overseas stores. At the time of switching the account in the store, there is a disconnect from the account in Apple Music. The system will see the paid subscription and allow you to listen to any songs, but trite all the downloaded content.

Enter the Apple ID to which you purchased your Apple Music subscription. After you exit your Apple ID account, the Music app clears the check mark next to the appropriate item.

So keep in mind – if you left your account and have missing Apple Music songs, look in the settings of the Music application (on your computer) or under Settings – your name – Media materials and purchases, in the case of iPhone and iPad.

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