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Why Did My SoundCloud Account Get Deleted?

Music streaming service SoundCloud has long and thoroughly won the hearts of true music lovers. It has over 200 million users worldwide, making this platform one of the leaders in the global music market.

SoundCloud is a German online music listening platform. Audio from SoundCloud can be posted on various sites and social networks. Music can be downloaded and listened to offline. SoundCloud has apps for IOS and Android.

But this streaming service operates by its own rules. For example, he tries to adhere to the copyright of artists. If there are disagreements or, in the opinion of the administration of the service, violations, then the account of the user who posted the disputed content may be blocked.

Well, it’s not all that sad. Previously, the email address of the user who posted the controversial content will receive a notification from the administration of the streaming service that he has violated the copyrights of another artist. In this case, this user must somehow respond to such notifications. If he really violated someone’s copyright, then he can remove this music track on his own.

Or, otherwise, he may provide evidence that he did not infringe any copyright. Of course, any appeal to the technical support service of the SoundCloud music streaming service must be reasoned.

 Why Did My SoundCloud Account Get Deleted

If such incidents happen twice, and the user does not respond in any way to such a warning notice, then the administration of the streaming service blocks this account. After that, its owner has one month to contact the technical support of the streaming platform and try to restore his account.

One month after being banned, the account is automatically deleted from the database of the music streaming service.

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By the way, another reason for deleting an account may be that the user has not logged into his account for more than a year and has not used the services of the service. Recall that you do not need to have a premium subscription to use the SoundCloud, because this streaming service has a free version. But if the user does not log into his account for a long time, the system automatically decides that such an account should be deleted. Therefore, at least once every few months, it is recommended to use the services of this music streaming service.

When creating a new account, each user agrees to the terms of use of the service. If he is a malicious violator of these conditions in the process of work, then the administration of the service will send him a notification and a warning that his account can be blocked and subsequently deleted.

At the same time, not only an infringement on someone’s copyright can be considered as a violation, but also the placement of inadequate music content, obscene expressions, the spread of aggression and racial hatred, and many other undesirable actions that call into question the reputation of a music streaming service that is very popular in the world and values ​​its reputation.

In any case, deleting an account on SoundCloud does not happen suddenly. This is preceded by repeated warnings, by responding to which the user will avoid blocking and deleting his account on this streaming service.

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