Why Did Spotify Log Me Out?

If you are one of those millions of Spotify users across the world, you might have encountered the situation when this streaming platform suddenly logged you out. You may have an account either free of charge or paid premium, but once the app randomly logged you out of it. It means that you won’t be able to use Spotify as usual. Such incidents happen more often than you may think. Let’s look at a couple of possible reasons why that might happen.

The most common reason for logging out without warning is a problem with your password and the multiple devices you enter your account from. If you change your password on one of these devices, Spotify will automatically log you out of other devices. 

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That can become a more significant issue for those who have a shared premium account with other people. If one of the users changes the password on their device without notifying the other users, the app will log out everybody else apart from the user who changed the password. To avoid this unpleasant situation, ensure that everyone knows about the necessity to notify about any changes made to the account.

However, you may be logged out of your Spotify account even if you haven’t made any changes. It means that your account has been hacked. If it is the case, Spotify will send you a notice asking to confirm the change of the password. If they haven’t sent such a message, try to get in touch with them immediately to reclaim your account.

In addition, there may be other reasons for logging out. If you are a premium user, it is possible that your subscription has expired. If you know that you haven’t continued the subscription, logging out won’t be a shock to you. You can always renew it with your current account details at any time. 

Though, if you haven’t canceled the subscription, other factors may cause logging out. For example, your payment was not successful because Spotify cannot access your money via the payment method you have used. You need to visit your account settings from the desktop (the mobile app is useless here) and choose another payment method.

Or, if you share the subscription with other users, one of them may have canceled it without informing you about that. Then, you need to talk to everyone who shares the premium account with you and ask them never to do such things without your consent.

Anyway, if Spotify has logged you out, there should be an understandable reason why that happened. You can fix the problem by entering the Spotify website and providing your account details again.

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