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Why did Spotify stop supporting DJ apps?

Spotify is a multifunctional platform, and it can offer different services to its customers. On the one hand, it supported podcasts, on the other hand, this platform stopped the collaboration with third-party DJ apps, like a famous DJay that had a successful integration with Spotify earlier. The idea of mixing tracks from the streaming services directly has really changed the industry.

Why did Spotify stop supporting DJ apps?

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Why did Spotify stop supporting DJ apps? There are a couple of theories that people shared online:

• Copyright issues. This is the most plausible theory, although it is strange that no one thought of such a problem initially. Spotify has rights to personal use of the music, while DJs earned their money in clubs. Most likely because of the labels’ outrage, they had to deprive musicians of such an opportunity;

• New product. Perhaps, the company is getting ready to release a new product related to music mixing. The company developers have already added a random sequence function and recommendations. If they really want to make a product for DJs, they will have to work hard over the copyrights;

• Podcast promotion. Podcasts have just gotten high popularity. It’s a lot easier for the Spotify platform to handle this kind of content – no hassle with labels. During the period of total world’s quarantine, many people have felt lonely, and often turn on podcasts as a background. Perhaps, it can help to shift the focus now;

• Irrelevance. As we said, at these quarantine times a lot of people prefer to listen to podcasts. These are dark periods for DJs – lockdown doesn’t allow setting parties. Even the most ardent party fans have tempered their ardors, and are sticking to the rules of self-isolation. Because of this, DJs activity is not as popular now as it was earlier. Perhaps, this situation makes the Spotify team pause a temporarily irrelevant part of their standard products and promote others that are more fresh and actual in current reality.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know the exact cause. The company does not disclose the reasons and comments on its decision very little. The DJay team recommends switching to Tidal or SoundCloud, as they still support DJ software. Both alternatives have their advantages over Spotify.

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