Why Djay Pro 2 not working with Spotify?

Djay’s programs have accomplished a real feat over the past few years, turning from simple toys into serious working tools that compete with the largest players in the DJ software market. However, the German development company Algoriddim has not yet rested on its laurels.

Djay Pro 2 is a valuable program for DJs. This is the first program of this type that made it possible to mix tracks from Spotify using two virtual turntables, four Dec or by connecting physical controllers to a computer. The program was created with the idea of ​ ​ a live performance. Its greatest advantage was its extensive integration with the Spotify library, thanks to which the DJ had immediate access to millions of songs and the ability to find new songs. It should be noted that today the music library of popular Swedish streaming exceeds 70 million tracks, which is just a huge figure.

The program turned iPhone or iPod Touch into a full-fledged portable DJ system and easily integrated with your music library, giving you direct access to all your favorite tracks and playlists. A hyper-realistic touch interface will offer you a real professional mixing experience right in your palm. You could perform concerts, record mixes on the go, or turn on Automix mode and the service mixes your favorite playlist from your music library automatically.

Djay Pro 2 not working with Spotify
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But, unfortunately for all the DJs in the world, since the beginning of July 2020, the Swedish streaming music service Spotify has ceased to support any third-party DJ application. The reasons for such a decision can only be guessed.

Djay Pro 2 was still supported by the streaming service for some time, but subsequently its support was discontinued. It was difficult to understand which of the users could continue working with the program, and who could not.

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At the same time, the program did not stop working with other streaming services. Swedish streaming, apparently, considered that the use of applications for DJs is unprofitable from a commercial point of view and has become a clear violation of the copyright of the authors of musical compositions.

It is possible that the release of its own DJ application is being prepared, which will be able to compete with already known developments from the German Algoriddim. Of course, in such a case, the termination of cooperation would be justified.

But the fact remains that Djay Pro 2 no longer works with Spotify, and this cannot but cause regret among the DJ community.

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