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Why DJs Choose Ableton Live

DJs practically cannot work today the way they did a few years ago. Hardware and software are improving every day.

This is not to say that one DAW is radically better than another in some ways, although the choice is really very large. But the fact is that this or that DAW can be suitable for DJs who work in various musical styles. It is also worth considering that beginners in DJing and professionals use different DAWs. The fact is that most DAWs are now at about the same level, they have very similar functionality and the main selection criterion here is the convenience of work and some personal preferences.

  • Ableton Live and automation. Let’s start with the fact that automation is an indispensable tool in the creation of electronic music. And how it is implemented in a particular DAW depends on how much more diverse and interesting your track will turn out. So, in Ableton Live, automation is made as practical as possible and is attached without any problems to any parameters in two clicks.
  • Ableton Live and variety of patterns. We can play an arbitrarily long melody, and then choose the piece we like and loop it. In Ableton Live, everything is on the timeline and always at hand. Any previously played, but not involved piece of the melody can always be restored.
  • Ableton Live and optimization. It’s no secret that the wisely used resources of your DAW’s computer affect the quality of work and the final result. If resources are spent economically and optimally, then the level and number of complex actions in the work will be higher, and this gives more variety and comfort at work. Ableton Live performed very well in this regard. Another plus.

Ableton Live is a very powerful and high-quality program for beatmakers, DJs, musicians and ordinary users. She has a huge selection of virtual instruments on board. It also has innovative creative tools to help generate ideas and stay in the process.

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Strengths of Ableton Live: You can create songs and arrangements in two ways – using a combination of looping or traditional arrangement. It is this feature that makes the workstation very convenient for electronic musicians.

Ableton Live is a longtime audio champion among professional users. This program is an excellent sound editor with a huge number of quality plug-ins for sound processing and virtual instruments. Another advantage of Ableton Live is that with the purchase you always get free updates, and even the ability to write music on your phone or tablet using the apps of the same name.

Choosing a DAW software is a long but important process. The main thing is to choose for yourself exactly the sequencer in which you can easily work and remain as productive as possible. Many users of other DAWs have already switched to this platform and do not regret it at all.

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