Why Do Some Of My Songs Disappear From Amazon Music?

Amazon Music has over 80 million songs and podcasts and over four billion playlists. However, those who use the desktop and browser version streaming service may occasionally encounter tracks that are greyed out and cannot be played. However, this unavailability is not entirely a platform fault.

The issue of music accessibility is related to the rights holders of works, whether they are record companies or the performers themselves. Owners decide when and which tracks will be available on Amazon Music and even other streaming services.

When a song that was available in the catalog suddenly comes out, it means that the contract between the parties has ended or ownership has changed hands. The role of the streaming service is to try to negotiate with the rights holders to get the correct reproduction back. If no agreement is reached, the songs are grayed out and unclickable.

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It may also happen that certain tracks will only be available in certain countries. This is due to the fact that the treaty is territorial. An example is the soundtrack “Almost Alice”, from the movie “Alice in Wonderland”. Released by Buena Vista Records, the entire album can be heard in the US. However, in other countries, only songs released as singles by the artists included in the compilation can be played.

The service independently solves its problems with copyright holders, and users, if they are not included in the category of copyright holders, cannot influence this process in any way. The disappearance of a song in Amazon Music is a routine process, similar problems can be encountered on almost any music streaming service.

Those who are Amazon Music premium users have the right to insist on releasing songs. But you need to do it right. The idea is not only to charge a fee from the streaming service, but also directly from the copyright holders of the works, whether through social networks, the official website or other means of communication.

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