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Why does Apple Music keep quitting in 2022?

Every system sometimes fails, and often it appears at the most inappropriate moment. The popular Apple Music app is not an exception. iOS app developers try to improve their products constantly to make sure that they work smoothly and that fixing the problem is as easy as possible for every user. But why does Apple Music keep quitting in 2022? Here are the most common reasons.

Why does Apple Music keep quitting in 2022?

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One of the most obvious reasons is an outdated version of iOS on your phone that is not compatible with Apple Music. Try to update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS to launch the app or make it work smoothly;

It could also be the app itself. If it’s not working properly, try to update it to the latest version, and it may help.

Another standard cause is a problem with your network. Make sure that your connection is stable, and this can help your app to run smoothly and quickly.

If you have updated your device, redownloaded the app, as well as made sure the connection is stable but Apple Music keeps quitting, then do the following steps.

  • if the app is slow, close all background sites on your device, then run Apple Music again;
  • try restarting your device, very often, this simple but effective option can solve various problems;
  • uninstall the application and then install it again – in very many cases, this seemingly simple recommendation “breathes new life” into this service;
  • log out of your account, then log in again;
  • the app can also keep quitting because there is too little free space on your device, so, delete unnecessary files, especially if they are large, or reset your iPhone settings.

Some users also talk about cases when the app starts to quit when playing a particular song. Try uninstalling this track and then downloading it again.

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With these primitive but effective recommendations, you’ll solve your issue on your own. However, if you’re not sure whether you can fix the problem, we strongly recommend you move all your content to some other streaming services in order not to lose your important data. To do this, install the convenient service MusConv, select the platform to which you want to transfer music files and in a minute all your tracks will be transferred.