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Why does Apple Music keep turning on in 2022?

Are you one of those who believed that in 2022 all modern technologies will be at a high level and all applications will work perfectly? We dare to disappoint you because the functionality of various platforms, including the global popular Apple Music, depends on many different factors.

Why does Apple Music keep turning on in 2022?

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Today, one of the most frequently asked questions among iOS users after this OS was recently updated is why does Apple Music keep turning on in 2022. So, let’s realize the causes of automatic music on and ways of solving this problem.

Not so long ago, online users began to complain in various forums that music from the app starts to turn on even if the app is not open. Some users suggest that this bug is caused by issues with the company’s software, which appeared after an update to the latest version of iOS.

The problem may also be unrelated to the recent update. If the songs from the app turn on automatically every time you start your car, turn off Bluetooth on your device or in the car cabin.

So, if you suffer from the issue that your iPhone starts playing songs at the most unexpected moments, try to use the following tips:

  • close all background apps on your device, as third-party resources can interfere with some system apps and thus lead to these system errors;
  • one more standard way to solve all small problems is to restart the device.
  • turn off the shake to shuffle option, as your iPhone may react to sudden movements and thus randomly turn on the music;
  • update the application, and if it doesn’t work, delete it and then install it again.

This may not be a very pleasant way for those who are already used to their old settings but try resetting them to defaults. Don’t worry, all your data will remain on the phone. However, if you decide to fully reset your device, then unfortunately all your media files will be lost.

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All of these tips should help make the songs stop turning on automatically. If the problem is not solved, even if you have tried all the methods, contact the hotline or service center. So, if you can’t solve this problem on your own and decide to switch to another streaming platform for a while, then use the help of the special app MusConv, which will transfer all your music content in a moment.