Why Does Apple Music Keep Turning On?

Apple Music has recently introduced the autoplay feature – after the end of a song or playlist, the player automatically selects similar music and continues playing. The continuous music playback feature in Apple Music on iPhone and iPad is enabled with one tap, but is disabled by default.

To activate autoplay, go to playlist mode and tap the infinity icon. If the icon has a background, the function is activated. Another advantage of the option is that you can see what kind of music the service has selected for you for further listening.

To turn off continuous music playback, tap the infinity icon again – the background of the icon should disappear. It would seem that everything is very simple. But it is not always easy, sometimes the application freezes and autoplay does not turn off. What could be the reasons and what to do in this case?

These are the real problems of the Apple Music app that many users are facing. If the application plays music by itself, then in this case you need to try to find the reason. This requires the right approach.

First, try to simply restart your gadget. Often this elementary action can help to restore the correct operation of the application. Do not forget that when you reboot, it is best to turn it off for a few minutes, then turn it on and check the correct operation of the application. In these few minutes, the system will be able to recover completely. If you immediately turn off and on, for example, your smartphone, then system recovery may not occur.

Maybe you have the option to keep the app running in the background enabled. Check the settings and correct them. If the application automatically continues to play music when you connect headphones to your gadget, then you need to check the headphones first. You need to make sure that no buttons are pressed on the headset, because installing such a program leads to automatic playback of musical content.

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Try to force close an application that is running in the background. In this case, automatic playback of songs should stop. Oddly enough, the cause of the incessant automatic playback of music can be failures in the music library. Try resetting the music library on your gadget.

Common causes of constant autoplay may be the out-of-date version of the music streaming application. Please update it to the latest version.

If none of the above helped, then reset all application settings and clear the cache.

The most radical way would be to reinstall the music streaming application itself. Just delete it and re-download it from the app store after that. Do not forget that you will need authorization when you log in to the application again. Therefore, remember the username and password to enter your personal account. Don’t worry about the payment terms being changed. When you reinstall Apple Music, your paid account and all payment details contained in it will be saved.

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