Why Does Apple Music Not Let Me Play Next?

The American music streaming service Apple Music is very popular among music lovers. And this can be seen at least from the fact that this platform ranks second in the global streaming market, owning a share of 24%, second only to the Swedish Spotify, which has 44% of the market.

It would seem that this streaming service is almost perfect. He has everything well thought out by the developers of the Corporation from Cupertino and therefore everything is very user-friendly. By the way, it is Apple Music that most harmoniously interacts with the Apple gadget ecosystem.

The only seemingly significant downside of this music streaming app is the lack of a free version that most of its peers have.

But some users complain that the streaming service periodically crashes. In particular, the “Play next” function stops working for him, so music playback stops.

Some users even contact the technical support of the streaming service with this issue. But suddenly the playback starts to work independently and the service is fully restored.

As it turns out, the cause of this failure is quite simple. But this is not even a playback error, but rather a precautionary measure.

Feature Why does Apple Music sometimes prevent me from playing further?

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The “Play Next” feature stops working in cars while driving. As a rule, it is with such questions that users contact the technical support service. The answer to this question is simple.

Playback may be paused and the corresponding button in the menu will disappear when the GPS detects that you are driving a vehicle at a speed above the set speed limit.

The function starts working again as soon as you stop or change to a lower speed mode. Playback will start automatically and the corresponding button will reappear in the menu.

As we can see, a similar feature was developed by Apple to improve road safety and ensure the safety of users themselves. The only negative, perhaps, will be the obvious dissatisfaction of the passengers of the car.

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