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Why Does Apple Music Play Songs Randomly?

A true music lover will tell you that Apple Music is just the perfect music streaming app. He will claim this even if he has the Swedish music streaming service Spotify in use, more precisely, its free version. Apple Music does not have a free version and never has.

But what if the words of the Cupertino-based streaming service aficionado are somewhat questioned by the fact that the streaming service starts playing tracks in random order? And the user simply did not activate such a mode?

Yes, this is a problem, but a small one. This situation can happen with every music streaming application, because the perfect streaming service simply does not exist yet.

More often than not, Apple Music skips some songs due to an unstable internet connection. The fact is that when you start music from the Songs section, not only downloaded tracks, but also those that are played online are included in the playlist.

An absolutely standard situation: you forgot to pay a cellular tariff and listened to music via Wi-Fi, and when you left the house, instead of the lights going out in all windows, you found an accidental switching of tracks. Pay attention to the “Airplane” mode. You may have activated it by mistake.

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You can fix the situation with a few simple steps:

1. Check your internet connection, if necessary, reconnect to Wi-Fi or mobile network.

2. Reboot your device. In the vast majority of cases, this helps to restore full performance.

3. Check the cache and clear it if necessary. Quite possible. That there has accumulated a huge amount of Internet garbage.

If none of the above helps, then simply uninstall the streaming music app. And then download it again and install it on your device. Don’t forget your username and password, which you will need the next time you log into your downloaded app account.

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