Why Does Music Stop On Spotify?

Quite often, users of a mobile music streaming application are wondering why music stops on Spotify. As practice shows, this is due to the selected settings, but system failures cannot be ruled out either.

But if you listen to tracks while communicating via Discord, then a pause will automatically be set every 30 seconds – there is no way to get rid of this limitation. We will share some ways to solve the problem, after which you can finally comfortably use the Swedish music streaming service.

And if you are wondering why Spotify pauses tracks, then there is no definite answer to it. Perhaps this is due to a system error caused by an application installed on the smartphone. But first, we recommend logging out of your accounts on all devices, including your computer. If you do not know how to do it correctly, then pay attention to the step-by-step instructions:

  1. We open the official page of the service in the browser, after which we perform authorization in our account.
  2. Using the side menu, go to the “Account Overview” section, and then click on the “Log out everywhere” button.
  3. It remains to confirm the action, as a result of which the account will be automatically logged out on all devices, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet. Most likely, this is the reason why the music stops.

So, the problem should be fixed after following these steps. And now you know what to do if Spotify stops the music.

Does the error still occur? Then we suggest going to the smartphone settings and changing the energy saving format. For clarity, we have compiled a step-by-step instruction with which you can, with a high degree of probability, be able to fully restore the performance of a music streaming application:

  1. Go to the “Applications” or “Installed Programs” section.
  2. In the list we find Spotify and go to the page with the application.
  3. Click on the “Activity Control” item. The name may differ, because it all depends on the installed firmware and version of the operating system.
  4. In the window that appears, set the option “No restrictions”. Now nothing will stop the application.
  5. Save the changes.

If now Spotify itself does not stop, then this means that you have chosen the correct setting and now you can safely listen to your favorite songs.

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And another reason for the problem may be that the microphone is used in parallel. For example, to communicate through a voice channel in Discord. And in this case, Spotify turns off the music due to the fact that the developers of the application decided so.

You can also use simple methods that significantly increase the performance of a music streaming application:

  1. Clear the cache of the entire Spotify app. It is better to carry out an additional complete cleaning of the memory of your device.
  2. Sign out and then back in to your Spotify account.

If that doesn’t work, just uninstall and then re-download this music streaming app. Do not forget your username and password, because when you log in to your Spotify account again, you will definitely have to go through authorization.

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