Why does my Spotify keep pausing iPhone?

With millions of customers all over the world, almost half of whom are Premium, Spotify provides a deliciously thought-through service that will continue to delight you in new ways. There’s something wonderfully efficient about Spotify’s infinitely customizable settings and the cleverness with which it chooses delicious new songs. 

At the same time, the more enjoyable this service is, the more annoying it when it keeps pausing. That is why there are more solutions below to Spotify pausing as you use it so you can get back to probably the best part of your day listening to the best and newest songs. 

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Are you on Low Power Mode? 

If Low Power Mode (ENergy Save) is switched on, functions will be heavily reduced to save your battery life. That may include impaired performance, including stuttering playback, and even worse music quality. Check your settings. 

Are you virus-free?

Viruses will not only harm your machine but also cause an additional load on memory, causing the system to get slower. Make sure you’re protected.

Delete junk files

Having a lot of files saved will cause issues, affecting not only your storage capacity but memory and performance issues. Fortunately, new functions on your phone allow quickly and easily removing duplicates and old files. It’ll only take a couple of clicks. 


It’s surprising now often rebooting your device actually works. The mystery behind the nuances of these mechanisms is still unclear, but one thing is for sure: if you restart, the issue may very well go away by itself. 

Run updates 

In fact, not updating your app regularly may cause serious performance issues. Make sure to keep your PC also working smoothly by regularly updating its drivers; use special programs that will promptly let you know when an update is needed. 

You can always use MusConv to transfer files from/to Spotify and get more useful advice, tips, and tricks that will come in very useful if you want to make the best of your experience. Have fun! 

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