Why Does My Spotify Keep Stopping Randomly?

The Swedish music streaming service Spotify has long been a favorite app for many music lovers around the world. Users are accustomed to the fact that the service works flawlessly, on it you can get a whole range of effective functions that will satisfy the most demanding taste of any music fan. But what to do if there are failures in the operation of this platform, what is their possible cause and what should the user do to resume normal functioning?

If Spotify has suspended work on your gadget, then you should not immediately worry. Try rebooting the device itself. As a rule, in most cases, restarting the gadget can help restore the normal operation of the music streaming platform.

Another problem with the random operation of the streaming service can be a poor Internet connection, in which case it is worth checking the Internet connection. It is best to restart the router, in this case the Internet connection will be updated and improved.

If your Bluetooth device is malfunctioning, the streaming service may be suspended. But in order to make sure that this is the reason, try playing a couple of tracks without using headphones at all, and then listen with headphones. If Spotify only pauses when using headphones, that’s a good sign that something is wrong with your Bluetooth device.

Another reason for the failure of Spotify may be that the service is used simultaneously on several gadgets at once. In this case, it is quite possible that a problem will occur. Try using a feature that will allow you to log out. In this case, you will be logged out of your account on all gadgets that use the streaming platform.

If none of the above methods of fixing the Spotify char issue work, then you can simply restart the app itself. Of course, this is a radical method, but, as a rule, it allows you to solve all possible problems with the operation of a music streaming service as much as possible.

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If reinstalling the application did not help, then the problem is most likely in your device or in your browser. Open Spotify on your smartphone or computer and log in again. So if your Spotify web player stops working, the first thing you should do is to check your browser and update it to the latest version.

If you have outdated software installed on your computer or your smartphone is clearly outdated, then in this case there may also be problems with the operation of the Swedish music streaming service Spotify. In this case, try installing the latest software version on your device.

It happens that on your smartphone or tablet, the Spotify app cannot run in the background. Music playback will simply stop if the gadget goes into sleep mode. This means you need to go into your device settings and change the settings that disable the music streaming app from running in the background.

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