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Why does Qobuz sound better than Tidal?

Streaming platforms Qobuz and Tidal are great alternatives for those fans who don’t like the sound quality of services like Spotify, or Apple Music, or YouTube. Both applications allow perfect quality music content, more than sixty million popular songs, and demonstrate the same cost per subscription (Qobuz is slightly more expensive). However, let’s define the leading service to realize all the benefits, and in our case, Qobuz gains this priority.

Why does Qobuz sound better than Tidal?

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So, why does Qobuz sound better than Tidal? Let’s find out its secret.

Today, Qobuz is one of the best global streaming platforms. It rapidly increases in its popularity. The company is known for its focus on pure quality over quantity. On this platform, it is not possible to find news channels from all over the world, podcasts on all kinds of topics, and audiobooks in all languages; however, customers can find favorite songs in incredibly high resolution, and it is the most important feature.

But, in spite of this, Qobuz is a real treasure for those followers whose goal is to concentrate on the music industry. The platform offers liner notes in PDF form, singer interviews, and lots of other relevant information about the music world.

Qobuz has presented music fans with the world’s largest collection of CDs lossless and Hi-Res albums, which far surpasses all its competitors in the amount of content offered in very good quality. Today, its library includes about 70 million songs in high resolution with 360 kbps as well as nearly half a million music albums.

Due to the fact that the platform does not compress the songs, and offers streaming playback in 16 bits, 44.4 kHz, FLAC, and CD Quality, it became popular, because these features help you to feel every second of the song and not lose the sound that it should actually be. These formats make the app competitive. The modern and user-friendly interface makes using the platform even more enjoyable.

This is why Qobuz does not provide free access. The high quality of any product at all times must be paid for. By the way, the company offers its users four paid plans, and the cheapest one is $12,99 per month.

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