Why does Serato keep freezing?

Sometimes software freezes for no visible reason, so, it can be very frustrating. The worst part is that you cannot predict this unpleasant situation, so, it may happen at any time. You need to figure out why does Serato keep freezing before using it in public. Let us help you fix the freeze problem by following easy steps.

Why does Serato keep freezing?

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Before you start, check the amount of memory of your device. To get access to the extensive music library, you might forget that your device has a memory limitation. If you have such a problem, apparently, the program won’t work properly. If there is a lot of spare place on your device, then there is some other issue. Everything starts with simple preparations. First, you need to do some usual checks:

• Is your software updated? You need to make sure that you use the latest version of the program.

• Sometimes, the difficulties can be hidden. Do you have any other programs running simultaneously with Serato? We recommend closing other apps until you figure out the real source of the problem.

• Remove your flash drive or other electronic devices to make sure you have no viruses which cause the difficulties.

• Check if you have all the recent versions of drivers, especially, for audio devices

• Turn off the anti-virus app. These programs often slow down random software that they consider as dangerous.

• Make sure that your operating system is updated and it has no conflicting files, devices, etc.

• Are you sure, your device meets all the requirements for the latest version of the program? If not, you may have to update your hardware.

If you checked everything we mentioned above, and the problem still exists, then damaged files may cause it. It is one of the most common triggers of freezing. Fortunately, it is easy to delete them. You need to analyze files of your whole library by clicking the “analyze files” button. After it, you will get a bunch of titles, you need to group files by type and delete the ones that have a damaged icon. It is a simple procedure. Don’t forget to delete them from the hardware as well. It can be easy to download them again occasionally.

If all these actions were unsuccessful, you should contact Serato tech support. They care about their customers and will fix the problem as soon as possible.

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