Why does Spotify crash when I open it?

With millions of users across the globe, Spotify is proud to be able to deliver outstanding service to ensure that your experience is all it can be. Which makes it even more painful to encounter problems. Now, frustrating as it is, fear not: there are immediate things you can do to run diagnostics and fix the issue. That isn’t as complex as it sounds, either. So what can you do if Spotify crashes when you open it? 

Check to see if your Internet connection is ok 

Interruptions from your local service provider or server maintenance and upgrades on Spotify’s end may cause temporary problems that you just need to wait out. 

Is the app itself updated? Sometimes when a critical update is released you need to install it for everything to start working again. 

This may seem obvious, too, but try to find out if your Internet connection is ok. Sometimes you have to run diagnostics to make sure everything is working as it should or intermittently or connected but without access, but usually just opening a website lets you know what the status of your connection is. 

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Is your phone hot or cold? 

If you’re outside in the winter or hot summers, temperature changes may cause problems. Electronics are often vulnerable when hot or cold, or when you’re next to strong magnetic fields.

Is there enough memory? 

When you’ve got a lot of apps on your phone or there are a lot of processes running in the background, your phone may become overloaded and cease to run some functions. Filming video, running apps, and downloading files may stop. How are your phone’s memory and space usage? 

Were there installation problems? 

Sometimes interruptions during the download or installation create bugs that don’t surface for a while. If nothing else helps, reinstall your app (after you checked that it’s been properly updated and has enough memory). 

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