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Why does Spotify have to throw in a bunch of songs to playlists?

Since the advent of music streaming services, the music industry has gone through huge modifications. These changes have made the lives of millions of music fans much easier and more convenient. Now people can simply buy a subscription to a music service and get access to an unlimited amount of amazing music.

Why does Spotify have to throw in a bunch of songs to playlists?

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Although, there are so many streaming services at the moment that it is impossible to count. Among all this variety there are such giants, which almost every self-respecting listener knows about. A Swedish service called Spotify belongs to the top three streaming platforms.

This popular application offers its subscribers as many as 70 million unrepeatable songs as well as 4 million thematic playlists, the number of which is growing every day. Many people prefer Spotify for its amazing recommendation mechanisms that allow users to get the music they might like on their home screen. Such music from recommendations can also automatically add to any playlists or music selections after the end of your own music content.

In general, as we know, playlists are the backbone of Spotify, its main advantage. In addition, when the playlists that you like to listen to are supplemented with music that the service has chosen for you based on your personal tastes, it allows you to discover novice artists and their songs. By the way, no one streaming service has ever surpassed Spotify’s recommendation mechanisms.

However, if adding music to playlists that you’re already listening to is a kind of advantage, then some people are still asking: “Why does Spotify have to throw in a bunch of songs you didn’t ask for when you make a playlist? Is it supposed to help you find something new you might like or is it so they can make money?”

Well, this feature wasn’t originally (as it is today) intended to be another additional source of revenue for this music platform. On the contrary, it was intended to help users when creating their own playlists find a lot of music they might like. So, they could add it to their playlist right away.

Moreover, this feature helps developers regularly improve their algorithms for music selection because they analyze which of the proposed songs are of interest to a particular user and which are not.

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