Why Does Spotify Keep Crashing?

Spotify is a music streaming app that is one of the most downloaded and popular in the world. The app is in high demand as millions of users use it every day for all their music needs and more and more app downloads continue to grow every day.

If you are also a music lover and have been looking for millions of music tracks that you can listen to at a good price or even for free, you have probably found what you are looking for in Spotify. However, sometimes Spotify can freeze, creating a frustrating situation when the app crashes or it doesn’t work properly. Sometimes the cause may be an outdated version of the Spotify app, or your device may not be able to use a fast enough internet connection.

Whatever the reason why Spotify keeps crashing, with this guide, we will try to help you fix the problem for good. If Spotify keeps crashing, the problem is fixable, there are actually several solutions that can fix this annoying problem and all the most effective solutions are listed below.

A Spotify Premium user can upload their favorite songs to a playlist and listen to them even when there is no internet available. On the other hand, users using a free account must always be connected to the Internet to listen to music, but if the Internet connection is not fast enough or the network signal is insufficient, Spotify will not be able to work. properly. The solution in this case is to check the health of the connection, if it is fast and has good signal reception, whether you are using a data or Wi-Fi connection. If you notice that the connection is weak, try moving to where the signal is best, check the network speed by doing a speed test, if you have problems with Wi-Fi, try resetting the router and see how it works.

Sometimes Spotify crash can happen because the installed version of the app is outdated. If you notice that Spotify is freezing, check if there are new updates in the Play Store, update the app to the latest released version, it might solve the problem you are facing once and for all.

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Sometimes Spotify tends to crash due to issues related to the app itself. If so, try restarting the app by logging out of your account.

On Windows:

1. Use the keyboard shortcut Crl+Alt+Del and exit to the task manager.

2. On the Process tab, select Spotify.

3. Use the right mouse button to end the task.

4. Run the program as an administrator.

Spotify Keep Crashing

On Mac, do the following:

1. Type Command+Option+Esc.

2. Select Spotify.

3. Force quit the program.

Why Does Spotify Keep Crashing

The cache is meant to speed up the Spotify app, but between updates, the old cache can conflict with the new one, causing the app to crash in the worst case. By clearing the cache as well as fixing the Spotify app crashing issue, you can also free up precious memory that can be used to store other files on your device storage.

If you are still experiencing crashes while using Spotify, you can try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. This will remove any files that might cause problems and cause Spotify to crash, and everything should work without blockages on a fresh install.

These are the solutions you can try if Spotify keeps crashing. Sometimes the problem may appear in Spotify after its latest update, but in this case, if there is a bug, the developers themselves should release a new update with the bug fix within a few hours or days.

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