Why does Spotify stop at 9 seconds?

Spotify provides a service that can’t be described in any other words than “outstanding”. It’s the first and most popular streaming service with hundreds of millions of users for a reason. 

These aren’t Free Plan users either: hundreds of millions chose the Premium Plan. There is a myriad of reasons why Spotify has become so popular over the years, from infinitely tunable settings down to even the smallest details like crossfading or privacy controls to complicated algorithms that carefully select music you might like for delicious surprises. 

Therefore, when you’re expecting to get even more fun out of this already excellent service and explore it even more and run into problems, you’re doubly as irritated. Here’s what you can do though: 

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Check for extensions like HTTPS Everywhere 

This extension was known to interfere with Spotify’s work. How exactly? Not known. Some very complicated code interactions going on behind the scenes. However, what matters is that users managed to solve the issue by disabling the addon and refreshing (reinstalling) the app. Hooray! 

Check for viruses 

Viruses not only actively harm your device but also increase pressure on the system, causing it to run more slowly. Stay safe! You can get a good antivirus for free on the Internet easily, but be sure to check reviews first. 

How good is the WiFi? 

According to HelpDeskGeek, problems you’re experiencing may very well have something to do with what’s going with your connection. Check out this advice and more to be found at the source: 

“For lossless quality streaming, you need at least 2 Mbps down and 0.5 Mbps up.

These speeds need to remain at this level or higher consistently or the quality of your music will waver, often resulting in pauses. In many cases, 3G is not sufficient for lossless quality. “

MusConv is always here if you need to haul your tracks over to Spotify or back and for more useful advice. The truth will set you free! If you want to learn from others’ mistakes, not your own, you know where to go. 

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