Why Does Target Have Its Own Music?

The Target retail chain is known for having a huge distribution network of 1850 retail stores, in which music began to play constantly. This is not just music, but specific music, fun, playful and motivating. Buyers listen to it with pleasure, their mood rises and even, in a sense, self-esteem.

Such a transformation leads to the fact that the buyer is not only ready to spend more money, make a gift, assert himself, but also subsequently return to where he experienced positive emotions. The human psyche is so arranged that a person subconsciously strives to return to the place where he felt good.

Target Have Its Own Music

But this was not always the case in the Target. Until 2011, there was no music at all in the stores of this company. The generally accepted opinion was that any music negatively affects the process of buying and selling, as it distracts the buyer from his goal at this point of sale at the subconscious level.

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And in 2011, the company’s management initiated large-scale studies with the participation of professionals in the field of psychology and marketing, the purpose of which was to establish the degree of positive or negative influence of music sounding on the trading floor on the behavior of a store visitor.

And so, according to the results of the study, it was decided to conduct an experiment to attract and motivate customers in the Target retail chain with the help of specially selected musical compositions. The music was not relaxing, but on the contrary, it made it possible to concentrate, to enter a resourceful state of consciousness. And buyers began to buy much more, the level of sales increased. The experiment was considered a success.

That was the result, that today, in almost every one of the 1850 stores of the Target retail chain, playlists are played with specially selected fun and motivating music that not only improves the mood of the visitor, but in some way motivates him to buy, give gifts to a loved one, and so on. And it increases a person’s sense of self-worth.

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