Why does Tidal pay more?

Music streaming platforms have completely changed the music industry. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite songs without having to buy countless vinyl records or CDs. However, apart from that, novice artists get the great opportunity to present their creations on these online platforms and generate income and fans.

why does Tidal pay more

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The service Tidal, owned by rapper Jay Z, has recently been reported online to be paying musicians much more than Spotify. However, why does Tidal pay more to its artists? 

Not so long ago, Tidal representatives said that their service makes payments four times more than their competitor Spotify, paying artists $0.026 per audition. According to Spotify representatives’ claims, the company pays 70% of profits to rights’ holders, while Tidal assures that it gives 75%, which is still more profitable for artists.

After Jay Z bought the Tidal music platform with the help of Aspiro for $56m, he decided to re-launch the app. It’s worth mentioning that the event was a great one, with many invited western stars. At the same time, Jay Z announced that most shares of Tidal would be owned by the musicians themselves. In fact, the new Tidal is a service that primarily cares about the musicians, their rights, etc.

Of course, listeners are not forgotten – Jay Z has repeatedly emphasized to the public that the service offers music of high (Hi-Res) quality as well as many other bonuses. At the presentation, the musicians promised to “change the history of music forever”. However, some persons were skeptical about the “innovative” project, of course, except those who have been with the service since its “rebirth”.

As we can assume, Tidal is ready to pay performers quite good payments, compared to other platforms. This is most likely because the service is owned by well-known performers who are willing to help young talent to become popular. Tidal is looking for young and ambitious musicians who are passionate about what they do. The service does everything to help them.

In this way, the music platform gives independent, little-known artists the opportunity to earn the same income as popular artists, and it is a really great chance for them.

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