Why Does YouTube Music Keep Playing The Same Songs?

YouTube Music entered the music market relatively recently, but in this short period of time it has managed to win the hearts of many music fans. But even in such a perfect service, there can be problems. In particular, users may face the problem of constantly playing the same song.

Auto play or auto play video only works if you start a playlist or access a video feed.

YouTube Music Keep Playing The Same Songs

There may be several reasons for this error at work. In particular, the user could simply incorrectly set the annotation for the next song. In this case, the streaming app’s search engine simply won’t find the song and will play the track you just listened to.

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There are several ways to fix this problem. Let’s start with the simplest.

1. Go to the streaming app storage and clear the cache. It is likely that the memory is clogged with various unnecessary files and other garbage. As a rule, clearing the cache helps to solve the problem of constantly playing the same track.

2. Reboot your device. After turning off the device, wait a few minutes, during which the system should recover. After that, turn on the device and go to YouTube Music.

3. Log out and log back in. Don’t forget your username and password as you will need them to log in.

4. If none of the above helped, then just reinstall the music streaming application itself. And in this case, remember the username and password. Download the application only from the official site in order not to bring a computer virus to your device.

5. Check for updates to your streaming app. If there are updates, then accept them and restart YouTube Music.

6. And the most banal reason for the constant repetition of a particular song may be that there is no stable connection to the Internet. In this case, the next track simply cannot be loaded and the application continues to play the previous song. Just check your internet connection. For this, use the free online Internet speed test, which can be easily found on the net. If the speed obviously does not suit you, then try restarting the router. If the speed of the Internet connection does not increase after that, then contact your Internet service provider and ask them to fix the problem.

These simple actions will help you solve the problem of constantly repetitive music content.

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