Why Doesn't Deezer Work?

The French music streaming service Dizer has long been synonymous with reliability and the most up-to-date music for every taste. But it also happens that this streaming application for some reason stops working. Of course, such a nuisance causes nervousness among users of the streaming platform. But in order to fix the problem, you need to understand the cause of its occurrence.

Having considered this issue, we see that the service gives a trial period of use. This period, as a rule, is thirty days, free of charge, and then the application works on a subscription basis.

Or you can continue to use it in free mode, but with limited features. You must select the function in which you want the application to work.

Why Doesn't Deezer Work

Next, let’s move on to the configuration, examine the data of your device and compare the features, configuration and compatibility when downloading. Download only from a trusted file downloader and do not download pirated programs. Along with a pirated program, you can introduce a computer virus into your device, which will subsequently destroy the entire system or, much worse, empty your bank account.

The Deezer service mainly uses the MP3 audio format. The quality of audio files depends on the subscription. With a free subscription, you can listen to music at 128 kbps per second, which can not be called high-quality sound. But when you buy a paid subscription, you will be able to listen to audio tracks in 320 kbps quality.

If you are not a music lover and listen to music on your smartphone, then you can completely do without a paid subscription. Well, if the sound quality plays a primary role for you, then you should purchase the paid version.

The search engine independently determines your location (although you can disable this feature) but by ip-address, as well as by search history. So when you sign in to Deezer, your location is already determined and cannot be changed.

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You can use any VPN service (there are many free options with traffic restrictions) and set the country you need. Then the Deezer service will also determine the user’s location in the country set in the VPN.

If you decide to subscribe to the services of a French music streaming service, then correctly indicate the country in which you are located. If you decide to use a VPN, then in this case, check if the country in this service matches the one you declared when registering with Deezer.

If the countries are different, then the streaming service simply will not confirm the registration and you will have to contact technical support in order to clarify this issue.

If for one reason or another you want to stop using the French streaming service, it’s easy to do so. To delete your Deezer account, you first need to log into your account from a computer, then go to settings, then find the item my subscription there. Next, go into it and delete it. If you want to completely delete your account, then go to my profile and at the bottom after all the other items, there will be an item to delete the profile, click on it, confirm the actions and you will be thrown to the main page of the service.

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