Why Doesn't Spotify Let You Rewind Tracks?

Music streaming today filled the whole world. Music streaming services compete with each other for users and influence, they come up with and implement various innovations in order not to lose the competitive race.

Today, as for several years, the world’s leading music streaming service, which has the largest number of users in most countries of the world, is the Swedish music streaming service Spotify.

The functionality of this streaming platform is very user-friendly and designed for true music lovers. But many users face some problems while using Spotify. Especially a lot of incomprehensible for those who first began to use this platform.

Why is it not possible to rewind tracks in Spotify? This question is far from idle for those who are new to this service or have already used the services of other music streaming platforms.

This option is not necessary, because users can listen to the song from anywhere. It is enough to move the special slider in the player to the desired position. At the same time, rewind on the lock screen and in the Control Center is provided only on iOS. Below we will consider what this option is, what are its features, and how to replace it.

Why can’t you rewind in Spotify? On the Web, on interest forums and various sites, the question is often asked why you can’t rewind a track in Spotify. Indeed, in the direct sense, there is no such option on Android phones. The developers felt that this feature was not necessary due to the availability of other ways to jump to another part of the song.

If you can’t do this on Android, iOS and the control center have an option that allows you to rewind a song using special double arrows.

Many people ask about the limitations in the matter of rewinding Spotify from the position of the transition to another track. Here it is important to keep in mind the limitations available to users of the free subscription. In this case, only six passes per hour are available. You can’t do more. To remove the limit, you need to buy the Premium version.

How to rewind tracks in Spotify? Now let’s deal with the question of how to rewind a song in Spotify in the paid and free versions of Spotify, if you cannot do this with a button. To do this, the developers have provided a song playback band. While listening to a track, you can see at what stage the song is. In order to rewind, just press the toggle switch in the desired part of the strip. Using a special slider and touching with your finger, you can move the track to the desired location – the beginning, end or middle. The difficulty is that it is not always possible to catch a suitable place.

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You can also rewind in the Spotify app on your computer this way. But there is a nuance – this cannot be done with the help of arrows or a finger, but you can click with the mouse pointer to the desired position. Unlike the mobile application, here you can set the most accurate place.

Knowing how to rewind music in Spotify can greatly simplify the work in the application. This option can be useful in the following cases:

  • You don’t want to listen to a long intro and move the switch right to the verse.
  • The song is not yet familiar and I want to listen to the chorus faster.
  • If you don’t like a track, there is no need to change the playback location of the song at all. It is easier to use the skip option and immediately jump to another track.

The question why you can’t rewind in Spotify has lost its relevance. The developers have provided a more convenient option that allows you to move the song playback toggle switch to the right place for yourself. As for the classic rewind using the buttons, this option is only available on smartphones with iOS.

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