Why Doesn't Target Play Music In Their Stores?

The question of why the well-known American retailer Target does not play music in its stores is simply irrelevant. It could be asked until 2011, when research commissioned by this corporation began with the participation of professional psychologists and marketers.

The purpose of this study was to study the degree of influence of music on the predisposition of store visitors to purchase and stimulate the need for shopping. Oddly enough, as a result of the study, it turned out that the well-established postulate that music at the point of sale only distracts the buyer from concentrating on the subject of a potential purchase is fundamentally wrong.

Why Doesn't Target Play Music In Their Stores

If earlier it was believed that the music in the store, especially classical and close to it, makes it look like a library, it depresses the subconscious of the buyer. As a result, a person is simply pushed out of the store.

Yes, this is true, if you do not pay attention to the selection of music designed for the target audience of Target retail customers. If the music is rhythmic, if it is positive and helps a person get out of a state of despondency and move into a resourceful state, then the level of sales increases disproportionately.

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This is the result the corporation and its 1850 stores that operate under the Target brand are striving for. Now, in almost every of them you can hear cheerful, rhythmic and motivating music. Psychologists say that the degree of influence of music on the mood of a person, in this case a person in the role of a buyer, is simply enormous.

Listening to music is not only pleasant, but also useful. Music has the ability to influence our emotions, so singing and even just listening to songs can make it easier to deal with mood disorders, depression, and other mental problems.

And if you create targeted playlists designed to unobtrusively motivate customers and play them in stores of your own retail chain, then the effect can simply exceed all expectations, which, in fact, is what the administration of the Target store chain is guided by.

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