Why is Deezer Only 30 Seconds?

If you’re using the French music streaming service Deezer, you’ve probably run into some functional issues. For example, you might be surprised that a track can only play for 30 seconds, after which the playback suddenly stops. And it is very difficult to find the cause of such an error right away.

If a song only plays for 30 seconds, it will never play in full. This is a functional issue related to the operation of the music streaming service. Therefore, you should not worry about this.

Deezer Only 30 Seconds

This happens periodically with almost all songs. Some songs can be played in full, some can’t. But it is persistent. If a song only plays for 30 seconds, it will never play in full.

If you’re listening to Deezer Free in a browser or desktop app, you’ll only hear 30-second snippets of songs. In this case, you can subscribe to a premium account to remove this 30-second limitation.

But if you’re on the level of free music, then Deezer’s music streaming service is largely deficient in its desktop version.

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In a similar way, the French streaming platform to some extent motivates users of the free version to switch to the paid version.

Frankly, using the free version of Deezer is only possible out of a sense of patriotism if you are French. The free version of this streaming service doesn’t give you anything special. If you don’t want to pay for streaming music, then you’re better off with the free version of Spotify.

But the premium version of Deezer is really good. First, it offers the user the opportunity to listen to content in the highest lossless sound quality. This is still a very rare feature for music streaming services.

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