Why is Google Music no longer available?

Google Play Music pleased fans of stream music from the moment of the start in 2011. But there passed 9 years, and service became history. The Google corporation made the decision on its closing, in advance having warned users and subscribers and having given them an opportunity of transfer of the account and, respectively, a paid subscription to YouTube Music which. According to the management of Google, has to become good replacement to the predecessor.

YouTube Music is the streamingovy service available in the application and a web player. The YouTube Music catalog contains more than 50 million license tracks, albums and high-quality audiocontent and also rare songs which aren’t included in albums, performances live and remixes which were initially inaccessible in Google Play Music and in one other service.

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YouTube Music allows the user to add to the library up to 100,000 tracks — 50,000 more, than in Google Play Music. Service is available free of charge with support of advertizing or on a paid subscription which gives to listeners an opportunity without advertizing to listen to music in the background and to load content.

In general, new service has broader functionality therefore developers didn’t begin to lobby further modernization of Google Play Music before the management of Google. For this reason service stopped the work. Quite possible, in preparation of the similar decision played a role and some business interests, but for the ordinary user they have no value. He received more reliable and perfect tool for listening of favorite musical songs, search of music, performers, albums and so on.

Analysts of the stream market in 2018 assumed that Google Play Music will be shortly closed, but nobody knew for sure when it occurs.

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