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Why is my liked songs on Spotify disappeared?

Many users today complain that songs from playlists simply disappear on the popular Swedish streaming service Spotify, as a result of which the media library is significantly reduced.

This situation has several explanations. It can be a virus in your computer, the expiration of a paid subscription to the service, the removal of the track by the service itself due to copyright infringement, and so on.

First, you need to make sure that your songs are saved in your media library, which means that you need to save songs in the right place, for example, playlist for playlist, albums for albums. If you cannot find a saved playlist, the playlist or account may have been deleted or closed by the original creator. In this case, the playlist is no longer available. But it is worth checking whether the playlist is accidentally hidden by a filter, in which case everything will be much easier.

songs on Spotify disappeared

There is a limit on the number of downloadable songs on Spotify, which is 10,000. If the number of tracks you downloaded exceeds 10,000, a warning appears here to inform you. In this case, I suggest that you remove some of the music you have uploaded, but not very much so that you have more space to save tracks or albums that you recently loved. However, you can also move these downloaded songs to your playlist, then they will exceed the limit of 10,000.

To download Spotify songs, you will need the Internet with an active connection. If you have problems connecting to the Internet, try again until the connection is stable. In addition, you should also check if your SD card is intact when you use phones.

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If changes have occurred in the ownership of the license contract or the agreement of artists or record companies, then these tracks or albums will not be available forever, or at least the probability of getting music again is almost zero.

The end of the premium category subscription will definitely lead to the loss of already saved audio content. To restore it, you simply need to renew your Premium subscription to the service. It is advisable to constantly monitor the timely payment of subscribers for using the service or set up automatic payments in your electronic banking.

If your Spotify account was hacked by someone, security efforts will be required. To do this, you will need to change your login and password, replacing them with more reliable ones. You can also create a new user account to which you can transfer all your media stack and paid subscription.

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