Why Is My Release's Genre Not Showing Up On Beatport

The distribution of music has almost completely moved to the Internet today. Therefore, music streaming services like Spotify, as well as online stores that sell music, have gained particular importance.

Beatport is an electronic music-focused online store that is part of LiveStyle Inc. It is mainly geared towards DJs selling tracks and resources that can be used for remixes. In order for your music to be featured on Beatport, it must be associated with a label.

Since Beatport specializes in very specific genres focused on electronic and urban music (hip-hop, trap, etc.), permission must be requested in order to distribute content on this platform, a process that takes about a week. However, if your material does not fit within the genres they manage, it may not be distributed on the said platform.

Beatport adds, changes, and removes genres from its platform from time to time without notice, and sometimes our system may not immediately reflect these changes. Despite this, it is possible to distribute content with these genres, which requires a manual request.

If your release’s genre is not listed, follow these steps:

  1. Create and upload a release with the closest genre possible (for example, if Trap is not available, select Bass or Hip-Hop).
  2. Once a release is approved, create a request with the Customer Service Center specifying the UPC and the desired genre and subgenre.
  3. Please try to leave a period of at least 18 days between the release date and the upload date for the change to take effect so that the release is published in the appropriate genre.

If you want to improve your chances of being featured, we have some tips to help you. As we have said, it is not easy, but it is possible. A common misconception is that you can pay to be featured on the homepage, but we’re going to put that off right now because no, homepage highlights are not available for sale.

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Everyone has the opportunity to be featured on the homepage or other promotional sections of Beatport and other stores, however we recommend uploading material 4-5 weeks before the release date to ensure your website and social media have a consistent and professional design. that they constantly publish music and, above all, that it be of high quality.

HYPE is a subscription program designed for small independent electronic music labels. For a monthly fee of $10, this program pools your label with a similar profile and income level (less than $15,000 in revenue over a 365-day period), offering access to placement and chart visibility when other labels are listed . expansion process without having to compete with the larger ones that dominate the market and platform listings.

Participation in this program entitles the label’s releases to be placed in any HYPE advertising section in various genres, as well as in the main advertising sections of the store, including page banners of each genre and on the main page. This also makes releases and songs eligible for specific HYPE multi-genre charts as well as the platform-wide top 100.

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