Why Is My Spotify Account Disabled?

Any music lover who decides to use the Spotify music streaming service, which is originally from Sweden, must create their new account to start using the service. An account is required for the constant use of the services of the service, when signing up for a paid subscription, creating your own playlists, receiving recommendations for finding music, and so on.

When opening the application, one day you may find that your account is inactive. What could be the reason for this, if you did not take any action in this direction?

Why Is My Spotify Account Disabled

If your account has been disabled, it may be due to a chargeback from a bank or services such as PayPal. That is, you subscribed, but asked the bank or online payment services to remove this fee. This will disable your account and revert you to the free version until you fix the billing issues. For example, by signing up for a paid subscription, you enter the details of your bank card belonging to one of the international payment systems or an electronic wallet. Funds for the repayment of the subscription fee for the use of the service will be withdrawn at the beginning of the next payment period. But you may forget that the funds are not enough or they may not be enough for another reason. But the result is the same – the payment will not be made, the premium subscription will not be renewed either. And this means automatically deactivating the premium account and switching to the free version of the music streaming application.

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It may happen that you find that your account is being used elsewhere. When you open Spotify, a Spotify Connect window may appear indicating that it is being used on another device. First of all, see if the device you are using can be yours or not. You may have left Spotify open on your computer, on your Amazon Fire TV with Alexa, on your Google Home speaker, on your tablet. But if you don’t recognize the specified device you’re listening to, follow all the steps. to log out of Spotify and change your password immediately so that the person who hacked into your account cannot access it further. If the security service, which is also in the Swedish streaming service, detects an unauthorized entry into the account, it can block this account until all circumstances are clarified, but only after a corresponding request from its owner. In this case, an email will be sent to the subscriber’s email address with a warning about unauthorized access to the account.

If you find that you haven’t completed any of these steps to unlock your account on the streaming service, then contact Spotify’s technical support team to try to resolve the issue.

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