Why Is Pandora So Popular?

Pandora’s personalized Internet radio broadcast allows for the mass production of many custom broadcast stations. Pandora, allowing you to open as many stations as you want and play songs according to the mood of each listener, this radio has made a breakthrough in niche Internet broadcasting and has a huge number of listeners around the world.

From the first meeting, Pandora was dressed differently than in the existing broadcasts. When you open the site, a simple Google-like search box appears in the middle of the screen.

Portishead’s Glory Box started first, then Radiohead’s Lucky and so on, followed by an unknown artist named Ratatat. Pandora often shows an unknown artist, but for some reason this is perfect.

If you like the song you were playing, hit the thumbs up button – like and the next song will be close to that song. If you don’t like it, please click the “thumbs down” button to improve your song selection. Pandora’s song recommendation engine has implemented a “seed song” mechanism in which seeds grow their own branches and leaves according to the user’s taste. There can be as many stations as there is music and as many listeners.

One listener can start 10 stations, 20 stations and his own radio stations one by one. Since the thumbs up reflects individual tastes and tastes, the selection of songs for each person is different even on the same “Rolling Stones Station”.

So if 10 million listeners tune in 10 stations, Pandora will have 100 million stations. We can say that this is the maximum multi-channel broadcasting with an infinite number of channels. It was a completely new form of broadcasting, called personalized broadcasting, and the beginning of a revolution. The power of Pandora’s song selection has magical powers.

If you like music, once you start using it you will be impressed and you can’t help but tell someone about it. Pandora’s emotions resonated and quickly spread across social media. In just a week after its opening, the station had to double the capacity of the server three times.

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It’s not just about instantaneous power. Pandora was addictive and had an odd repetition rate. The more you use it, the more it will become a suitable radio station for you, so the more you use it, the more you won’t be able to leave Pandora.

In the automobile society of the United States, the radio industry is a major industry, with sales four times the size of the recording industry. It was easy for the fund managers to imagine that a new popular TV company called Pandora would make money from the advertising model.

Pandora had made a breakthrough in internet broadcasting, which was a niche in the iTunes era, and was set to become a popular radio broadcasting station just a year after its opening.

The provisional bid is 0.075 cents on average per song played. In terms of market value, this figure was equivalent to about one-third of the sales of Internet broadcasting stations.

Instead, Internet broadcasting is free to use any music for broadcast without the permission of the record company or artist to use the music.

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