Why Is Pioneer Out Of Stock?

Almost all DJs around the world are familiar with the equipment that is produced by Pioneer. This DJ equipment has earned a reputation for high performance and reliability. A DJ who is starting his career in this profession or an aspiring DJ – everyone is interested in Pioneer professional equipment. But recently, everyone who is somehow connected with DJing was very surprised by the unpleasant news that shortages began and Pioneer equipment was no longer sold.

Having been a key part of the DJing industry for the past ten to fifteen years, DJs have never seen such an issue with DJ equipment inventory before.

As it turned out, the main problem with the supply of equipment was the lack of its most important components – computer chips. Logistical problems were found in the Far East region, but eventually acquired a global scale.

From laptops to cars to DJ equipment, this was a major problem in 2021 that has yet to be addressed in 2022.

Let’s hope 2022 returns some sort of average chip supply world, meaning that DJs and concert halls can continue to buy equipment without delay.

Among the problems not voiced for a wide audience are financial problems, which in many respects slow down the release of the corresponding batches of DJ equipment to the world market.

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Onkyo Pioneer is likely to change ownership. It is currently Onkyo Home Entertainment, but companies known for their high-end audio equipment will soon be in new hands. The sale is necessary because OPC is experiencing serious financial difficulties that could lead to bankruptcy.

All these factors have brought OPC to the brink of financial viability. The 2022 releases of both brands are already on sale right before their debut on the market, but companies cannot afford to distribute them actively. A recent press release shows that two major companies have joined the Onkyo-Pioneer takeover game: Taiwanese-controlled Foxconn Sharp and US-based Voxx International, which already distributes both brands in the US.

The change of ownership should not have a major impact on Onkyo and Pioneer products. On the contrary, this is rather very good news for fans of these brands, who should see this as a great opportunity to get out of trouble. Iconic home theater equipment will definitely not disappear from stores, and both companies will certainly continue to bring top-class products to the market.

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