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Why Is Roku #1 In The US?

Roku is a leading company in the industry, accounting for about 40% of the Internet TV equipment market in the United States of America.

Roku provides connectivity hardware and streaming services. It is Roku that is the market leader in equipment for connecting to Internet TV with a market share of 39%. This company was able to overtake in the United States of America and not only world leaders in the production of similar equipment.

According to statistics, today every third American Internet TV user uses equipment from Roku. And this is not just the case in the US. Users from many regions of the world have appreciated this device, which offers an efficient way to watch Internet TV channels.

The reason why Roku is so popular in the Internet TV connection equipment market, which is crowded with other big companies such as Google and Apple, Amazon, is as follows.

  1. The Roku player is simple and easy to use.
  2. Taking a neutral position in relation to any content, it can offer the widest range of video content.
  3. Low price.

The cheapest Roku Internet TV connection equipment costs $29.99.

Roku also offers over 10,000 free shows with ads. In other words, if you put up with ads, you can enjoy this content for free. Of course, if the user is already a Netflix or Amazon Prime member, they can also enjoy this content.

Recently, as watching content on a laptop instead of a TV has become commonplace, it has become popular to save money by canceling cable TV contracts.

Looking at this phenomenon from an advertiser’s point of view, it means that the number of viewers who watch television ads is getting smaller and smaller.

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Advertisers will then have to find new places to show their ads to make up for the lost customers. And since many consumers have purchased Roku Internet TV equipment, advertising on Roku is the most effective protection. Therefore, advertisers are looking for contacts with Roku and the opportunity to be present in the media space with the help of devices that were produced by this company.

Roku may also collect user data through devices connected to Internet TV, which allows advertisers to serve targeted ads. In other words, pinpoints make it easier to deliver ads with the right attributes to viewers than cable TV ads.

The company’s gross profit in the third quarter of 2022 was 65.4%. The number of active accounts was 30.5 million, up 1.4 million from the previous quarter. In addition, 9.4 billion hours were watched, up 500 million hours from the previous quarter and up 72% from the same period last year. In addition, revenue per user (ARPU) was $21.06, up $2 from the previous quarter.

Roku becomes the dominant player in the Internet TV market. Consumers are especially attached to Roku.

Roku is also an ideal partner for advertisers. Roku sells ads in addition to connected devices, so after acquiring a customer, sales can continue to grow for a long time.

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