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Why Is Roku Remote Not Working?

The Roku set-top box has become mega-popular. Statistics can be cited as proof – every third user in the United States of America chooses Roku.

Equipment manufacturers are trying by any means to facilitate the process of connecting and configuring their equipment. Smart TVs in this case are no exception.

Roku-integrated TVs turn regular TVs into streaming devices. They add so much that we recommend them over smart TVs and you can use the money you save to buy the shows you want to watch.

The most common scheme for connecting home devices to the Internet is through a WiFi router, into which a cable from your Internet provider is connected.

Roku is a digital media box that can be connected to any display device for media streaming. Plus, there’s now a Roku TV that doesn’t need a separate set-top box to stream media.

Typically, Roku streams media over Wi-Fi or a wired internet connection. The first Roku streaming player was released in 2008 and streamed only on Netflix. After that, subsequent versions of Roku began to support many other services.

But like any technique, this set-top box can have technical problems, as a result of which the TV broadcast becomes simply of terrible quality or stops altogether.

Don’t panic if your Roku Remote is not working, there are many users like you who are facing similar problems.

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So, we will consider the main possible malfunctions and give recommendations for their elimination.

Roku devices and their remotes work very well for a long time and you won’t have any problems. But someday, out of nowhere, the Roku remote will stop working. Many users simply buy a new one as there aren’t many guides to troubleshoot Roku TV issues. Before buying a new remote, let’s try to solve this problem using a few simple methods.

  • Most problems with any remote start are due to battery problems. Many times only the batteries need to be reinstalled. Usually the batteries sometimes move from their usual places. Just take them and put them back inside. If the battery placement was the problem, your Roku TV remote should start working.
  • Replace the batteries on the Roku Stick Remote. If reinserting the batteries does not correct the problem, you should replace the batteries. They are probably from juice and should be replaced. Buy new ones and put them in the remote. Now check if your Roku remote is working normally again.
  • Remove obstacles in the signal path. This usually happens with a standard infrared remote control. When there is any obstacle between the Roku device and the Roku remote, it will not work. If so, change the location or remove the obstruction.
  • Check out the infrared Roku Remotes. Any remote can stop working if it is damaged. To check if your Roku remote is damaged, you can use your smartphone’s camera. Smartphone cameras can detect infrared rays, but human eyes cannot. Works with all IR remotes. Take your phone and turn on the camera. Now hold your Roku remote in front of your phone’s camera and press any button on it. On the screen of your mobile phone, you should see a blinking indicator in front of the remote control. If you cannot do this, then the Roku remote control is not working due to internal damage and needs to be replaced.

So, there are many ways to solve the problem. We hope they help you enjoy Roku’s perfect work.

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