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Why is Serato reading tags?

Serato has its own music database called V2. The files may be damaged, and it would ruin your experience in DJing. Why is Serato reading tags wrong? Damaged files will certainly cause some problems with the software performance, so, you need to find out the main source of the issue.

Why is Serato reading tags?

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If you have edited tags, there might be difficulties in the future. The Rescan ID3 tags option in the Files menu re-reads all of the library’s file tags. If you have used other applications to change or modify file tags, use this function. Re-scanning the tags is a good approach to find any absent files, such as if they’ve been renamed or relocated. In the library window, these tracks are highlighted in red, with a question mark symbol in the status column.

The V2 database contains all files from your library as well as some data about their usage. It is shown how many times a song has been played, if an overview of a track has been created, which songs are damaged, which of them are imported from your iTunes playlists, etc. However, this file can get corrupted at any time, creating unusual conditions in your library. ID3 tags getting re-read every time the computer is restarted or blue/grey “played” files not being stored are both symptoms of a damaged database. This may be simply addressed by establishing a new V2 folder.

How to fix it:

  • start with opening Serato;
  • create a new folder, name it whatever you like;
  • tap on the “Show All” button, and it will demonstrate all of your files;
  • delete tracks that have corrupted an icon;
  • click to choose all tracks, and move them to the new folder;
  • reanalyze your library to get a new clean database.

If it does not work, we recommend you to contact Serato technical support. They can analyze the situation with a crash log or can give you useful advice online. To avoid this situation in the future, do not share your computer data, and do not use unknown flash drives with tracks of other persons. Remember to keep your library clean: avoid long folder paths, duplicate songs, damaged files, etc.

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