Why Is SoundCloud Not Working 2022?

When you can’t listen to the songs distributed on SoundCloud, then you immediately have a lot of questions about this music streaming service that you are used to and considered it to be an almost perfect music application.

In some songs distributed via SoundCloud, there were cases where the sound would not play even when the play button was pressed, or a “content error” was displayed and playback was not possible.

The main reason for this problem are:

• Playback fails due to settings on the distributor’s side.

• There is a problem with the playback environment of the browser or device.

• No sound is heard in silent mode.

• Playback devices such as headphones do not work properly.

• System problem on the service side.

Songs shared with social networking applications such as Twitter may be compatible with playback on external applications.

Why Is SoundCloud Not Working 2022

However, there is a tendency for issues that cannot be played normally when playing with an external application, but most of them are usually caused by settings on the distributor’s side.

If it is not set to play in an external application, it cannot be played, so the distributor should check the setting.

Please suggest the distributor to check the settings as the playback user can’t handle it. In addition, you will not be able to play due to a problem with the link required to access the published song.

When playing songs distributed on SoundCloud on a smartphone or tablet, it is recommended that you play them on the official client app.

In many cases, songs that do not play in the browser will play without problems when played in the official app, so users who primarily use the browser version should install the official app from the app store.

If you’re having trouble using the app, try deleting or refreshing your browser cache data, or use a different browser.

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You may not be able to hear the sound that plays normally because the connection destination of the Bluetooth device is different.

Check the connection destination and if it is incorrect, change the device you are using.

Although the distributed music plays normally, the reason may be in the settings on the side of the device that the user uses to play. You can fix the problem by checking the device settings and changing them to the correct ones. There may be problems with sound reproduction due to wear and tear of the device over time. If necessary, consider obtaining technical support such as supplier maintenance or repair.

Also, it’s possible that SoundCloud has experienced a system error, etc. that is preventing audio from playing, so if you think the problem is due to a system error, wait a while and then try to play.

As a last resort, if all of the above steps did not help, you can reinstall the music streaming application itself by deleting it from your device and re-downloading it on the official website of this platform.

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